Thursday, November 18, 2010

Recovering From The Toll of the Wait

I was listening to a webinar by Karyn Purvis in preparation as we waited to bring Meg home. The good doctor was encouraging adoptive parents to take care of themselves so that we can in turn take good care of our children. She encouraged drinking enough water, taking a multi-vitamin, getting daily exercise, and dealing with the emotional baggage of your life through journaling. As she was elaborating on the stress of adopting she mentioned in passing the stress of the adoption process and specifically noted how grueling and taxing the wait can be. When she mentioned that I began to cry and I was thankful that she had included this little sentence in her presentation because it affirmed and gave credibility to the pain that I was experiencing as we were 1/2 world apart from our daughter.

That crazy wait wears on you! And, it takes time to recover from the wait after it's all over. And, the recovery is taking place as your adjusting to the new little bundle in the family and you're going through jet lag.

I feel like I am coming out of the fog of the wait! It feels good. It was worth it. And, it was hard. And, now I better get a glass of water, take my vitamins, and go for a jog.

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